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AVOID RV ONE - ESPECIALLY SALESMAN NICK JOYCE!! This is going to sound like a movie script. Do business with them at your own risk but DEF avoid this guy. Most of his convo was w/my father. After being lured from Tyler, TX to Tampa being told their rig was better than another one I was looking at in Tyler, being told if I left a $1k deposit they would include a generator from the show and do a "cash match," I test drove a sub-par Class C that had a big shimmy from the front right wheel. Every feature it didn't have that I wanted, he tried to explain why it was better not to have it (I know, sales guy's job). There was also a terrible rattle inside, turned out to be the glass stove cover, which is expected eventually - but not in a  new machine. Needless to say, I was unenthused so kept shopping at this and other dealers. RV One just didn't have anything else that appealed to me and I was told another unit I wanted to look at "just had a deposit put down" from some out-of-state guy (sure).

They also changed the offer on my vehicle trade, dropping it $5k because of an undisclosed dent (from the travel trailer edge). Another dealer saw it in person in Tyler and still offered full price so we expected the same here. Nick's brother-in-law Joe was the intended buyer and he lost his top, as they both began calling my dad (and later me) a liar in a slew of texts and phone calls. Nick then denies the generator offer saying the deposit had to be made the day BEFORE (during a convo he had with my dad, not me). Needless to say, I requested my $1k be refunded. Logan was accommodating but I had little faith they would actually follow through, so I requested it in writing, after waiting a while for a credit memo I received one that had a blank space for manager signature, so I requested it be signed. He signed it.

When it became evident Nick was no longer going to get my sale, I stupidly told him what I was buying. At this point it gets really surreal: Aside from some new name-calling, he made it clear all the locals in the industry know each other (I'm sure many do). THEN, my dad starts getting texts from a mysterious "Michelle" purporting to be from General RV from where I was now buying, making a fake offer on my trade and to "go see Jason, he has your deal." Dad played along for a while but they never gave it up, sending a number of additional texts even after purchase was complete.

I showed these texts to General RV and they do have a Jason and a Michelle, but of course they denied having knowledge but they did say, this was the 2nd time in a week they heard a similar story.

NOW - regardless of the apparent competition between the dealers, I have reason to believe there IS someone in General RV that may be in cahoots w/Nick. Because in one of his texts, Nick says something about "flat tires." After driving off with my new RV, the tire sensors are reading weird. At my first destination I find a screw in a front tire.

After that trip, I take it back to General and ask them to check ALL of the tires and do some other minor tweaks. I explained in brief why I wanted the tires checked. Thought they had it all set to go but when I leave there, the tire pressure system starts going bonkers after about an hour of driving, and one tire down to 39psi. LONG story short, through the kindness of James, a trucker at a rest stop, mechanics at Loves in Milton AND ultimately Jacob at Florida RV Center in Pensacola, my tire was fixed. Wouldn't you know it, Jacob found another screw in the rear tire!


So, it seems ole Nick at RV One did in fact have an inside guy at General (way too much to be coincidence). And SHAME on General too for dismissing my complaint and not properly addressing the tires when specifically asked to do so. I noticed only days later that of all the items on the service write-up, only the tire one had NO service notes whereas all the other items listed a problem/solution. SOMEONE put my life in danger from a potential blowout!!

BTW: CarMax still gave FULL price for my vehicle and my credit card issued the $1k refund!

Texts & Pics

front tire.jpg

The first screw

Not the lethal one

deflated rear.jpg

The flat


Nick Joyce's kind words

Sore loser


Tire pressure mgt system

The valve extenders were turned inside and were stuck behind the rims, adding to the read problem.

rear tire screw.jpg

The culprit screw

Even General RV didn't find it!


The fake Michelle

NOT a real offer/person at General RV

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