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Review: Eat Green (Chef) With Me & Save $25

I started using Green Chef to help supplement my cooking routine. Although it can seem a bit pricey for 6 meals, they use organic ingredients and have a good produce and ethnic variety. This is particularly helpful to me as a vegetarian. On my own I tend to cook the same "recipes" on rotation, causing meal boredom or laziness if I don't have anything already prepped.

My first week of meals arrived, and I was impressed, from the outside packaging to the interior packaging, to the quality of the ingredients. Loved the inclusion of full-size recipe cards although they were tucked away and I didn't notice them until after cooking recipe two using my cellphone. They also don't include the full nutritional profiles on the print cards so you have to go back to the website to see things like protein and fiber.

Moroccan Quinoa Salad Photo: greenchef.com

The step-by-step instructions, mostly in logical order, make prep pretty foolproof. They include ALL the ingredients necessary right down to an 1/8 of red onion. You only need to supply your own oils for cooking. The prep steps probably make sense for the most novice of cooks but I find reading through the recipe first helps me pick out steps that are logical to combine or do back-to-back. For example, they may separate cooking quinoa from roasting veggies, but if you start the quinoa then move right to the prep/roast part, the veggies can roast at the same time the quinoa cooks. As a content strategist I imagine it was a feat for them to figure out how to easily convey the prep steps in a logical order yet keep it simple, so I get it. And it's certainly not a big deal. It might just add a few minutes of prep time if you waited 'til they said to do the roasting.

As I started thinking about spending roughly $78 for 3 recipes (6 meals) per week, and factored in the time saved driving 50 miles rt to my favorite farmers market, then likely still having to go to a regular grocery store for other items, plus the embarrassing amount of ingredients that go bad before I get to them, that $78 is actually pretty reasonable. It's worth the savings in gas, my time driving & shopping, some prep time, and definitely food loss.

As a comparison, I've also used Instacart and Shipt to do home grocery delivery, which were OK on saving the drive/shop time factor, but sometimes the quality just wasn't there, and I'd still have the potential for waste and have to spend time doing full prep. Plus, I REALLY like not having to prepare meal plans and make grocery lists in the first place!

Having four full meals (2 of 3 provided in the 2-person plan) fully-prepped and packaged in under two hours is a dream! I cook for my dad and package his for the road so I even re-use the packaging and cold pack they use. The site works well on PC or mobile and swapping out meals is a breeze. They have options for all the popular dietary lifestyles, you can swap between them and pause shipments as needed. Oh, and the veg plan meals I've had thus far are quite delicious. Two of three were perfect as-is, the third (stuffed zucchini) could have used just a bit more spunk. Overall, big thumbs up to Green Chef. I'll keep them for a couple more weeks and see how it goes over time. At the very least, I'll have accumulated some great recipe cards to use for my own cooking in the future.

Check it out. Use my link and we both have the potential to save $25!


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